So, she sauntered in with her bouncy hair and high maintenance nails and she announced to everyone, that she is a coach and she offers free sessions. She was standing there in the middle of the room, but weirdly, no one stopped their conversations. I could see she was puzzled by it. There was a couple of curious glances and woman standing next to me sighed and said: I wish I could be that brave. She probably gets a lot of clients this way, just look how VISIBLE she is.

We watched as the woman sipped on the champagne and than abruptly put down her glass, turned around and left.

I would have thought nothing of it, if it wasn’t the first ‘party’ she crashed. She kept popping up in Facebook Groups, posting her perfectly edited photos with a manicured text about her fab life and how we can easily replicate if only we pay her hefty sum.

There was no realness to her. One day, tired and overwhelmed she confessed how this strategy she paid $20k is simply not working. She is visible in all those groups and no one buys.


Being visible is only part of the story. And having gorgeous visuals for your brand is only a part of having a brand.
To really stand out and make an IMPACT you need your MESSAGE – your inner strength and integrity to be the CORE OF YOUR BRAND.

MY TIP? BE THE REAL DEAL. You don’t have to be perfect, just real you.
My clients always ask after we create their strategy and schedule WHAT to actually write about so it’s new, interesting and relevant – without being salesy. And the answer always is the same – write a story that you would like to read.

Flip around that ‘let me introduce myself’ post that make you feel awkward and just share ONE thing that happened to you recently and WHY it’s a lesson for all of us. Give us a glimpse of what you stand for, what’s important to you and what’s your sense of humour.


Tell your client story – pain a vivid picture of what she FELT before she decided enough is enough and made the decision to hire you. Tell how she knew she needed the change and why she chose you specifically – to build trust and credibility. If people can identify with that state of mind, they will be more likely to hire you. And the surprising side effect is, you learn more about your brand and yourself by listening to your client stories and why they chose you. We are often blind to our own brilliance – because it’s such an integral part of us, we stop to notice it.

ps. Did you like the story?;) What are your best visibility tips? Continue the conversation in my Sassy Entrepreneurs Mastermind group on Facebook.

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