There is a secret to creating a perfect ABOUT ME PAGE – and it’s not what you think.

(Shush, if it was, it wouldn’t be a secret…)

☕️️💋Your intro, your bio, your about page?
It’s not about you AT ALL. So if you are wondering why you keep hearing crickets on your posts and offers…don’t start with what you LIKE.

☕️️💋If you absolutely have to, start with what you are absolutely obsessed with. Because that’s always way more interesting.


☕️️💋Or start with what you know your clients are EXPERIENCING right now, with acute pain and vivid detail.
(Because we are inherently selfish and would be delighted to find out how you can help us solve it. With a minimum friction and maximum fun so if you secretly long to wear a glittery tutu – permission granted. )

☕️️💋Because even though it is your personal brand, you have to FILTER what’s uniquely fabulously YOU through what’s RELEVANT to your clients and people simply obsessed with you (the good kind obsessed, the I’ll buy everything from you and gush to all my friends about it way -not creepy stalkerish way, obviously).

And than ADD LAYERS (it’s ok if your layers are more Shrek layers than cream puff layers) of your sparkling personality, infectious humour and totally inappropriate self derogatory sarcastic real life commentary:) If you got kids, they provide endless source of amusement. Among other things…
Ps. Did you get this far? Good. I was told my posts are too long and boring by people who never bought from me, so I’m glad you are not in that group and we can hang out over digital coffee ☕️ and talk brand strategy. Only I drink tea. I would drink hot chocolate but I was told it spoils my professional image. Like, I look size bigger in my photos because I probably am bigger after all that hot chocolate. Sigh.
☕️️💋1. What’s your drink of choice on a business meeting? 2. What is your favourite photo of yourself that you think is so-on-brand? Hop over to my Facebook Page and leave me a message here!
Add the imaginary: I’m not scared to be not so professional BIO if you want to:) I would love to know more about you!



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