I did something outrageous.
I have build a profitable business without a proper Facebook Page.
I’m rectifying that mistake and in the next 3 months I’m going to monitor how starting a new Facebook Page and Group affects my business.

I can already tell you that the time I spend deciding on the name and branding could have been probably better spend elsewhere – I could have followed up with potential clients, maybe send out newsletter with an offer to my list – basically do something that would get me clients and grow my business. But I’m doing it now for 2 reasons – since I’m already every day on Facebook in multiple groups it only makes sense to start my own.

My second reason is that after running countless experiments and providing strategy for my clients, I finally have time to put it all in place for myself. My little girl starts school in September so I will have 30 hours a week to grow my business. I have now a great VA on my team. So even though I’m fully booked till August with private clients, come September I will be able to release a course. So being the shrewd strategist I am, I figured expanding my client base will be easier if I have tons of social proof instead of just couple of high end client case studies.

Now, after my last webinar I already have a waiting list for September, so my dedication to the projects somehow wavered.
I am not sure why people are making it look so complicated to get clients. I talk to people, they hire me.

I am not being flippant, it’s just that if you know what you are doing it’s hard to contain that knowledge.
When you drop the pretense, your personality shines through and your right people, those who desperately need your knowledge and expertise – come forward.

I talk with many successful entrepreneurs about it and they all admit the same – you become more successful when you focus on what you are great at and less things – with more focus. Sassy-Entrepreneurs-instagram-strategy

That’s why when I see people starting their business by creating Facebook page, business cards, website – but without even knowing who they want to sell to – I know they will struggle. This is a false exercise in busyness. That’s where the overwhelm comes from.

If you are starting a business you need to know who you want to serve first. Because it’s so much easier to find client when you KNOW who they are.

And I don’t mean those dreaded avatar exercises – or creating a paper sheet of dream clients that don’t even exist.
Instead of trying to figure out what your clients eat for breakfast, think what problem they have that you can solve.

And one of the problems I noticed a lot is that people keep buying courses and doing things, but not getting anywhere. And it’s damn hard to figure it out on your own!

So swiftly coming back to the topic, I created my new Facebook Group, Sassy Entrepreneurs Mastermind to offer support and encouragement to cultivate the fierce mindset required to implement things. And to offer advanced strategies, that are easy to implement so you are building your business foundations by stacking one complete working thing on top of another instead of just having a jumble of unfinished projects.

You get tech, strategy and mindset – and planners, checklist and videos, to make sure you take consistent action with total confidence.

You can watch my video about why learning to fail fast is the only way to succeed here:

And you can join the group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SassyEntrepreneursMastermind/
See you there!

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