Are you about as disciplined with Facebook as a 4 year old in front of bowl full of gummy bears?
Do you struggle with posting consistently?
Do you feel like you are wasting all this time reading other people’s content but NEVER producing enough of your own?

When I started my biz I though I need to be disciplined and that didn’t work out for me at all.

CONSISTENCY, yes, big time, but discipline? Every time I look at my list of shoulds and musts something inside me REBELS against the very idea. And I always get new inspirations and acting on those impulses brought the most money and impact to my business. I struggled with being known for strategy, consistency and planning because I am not disciplined at all. I thought it’s like that shameful secret I shouldn’t reveal.

But I realised I have something different and much, much better – CREATIVE FLOW. Because consistency means I PUBLISH A BLOG POST regularly, not WRITE them regularly. Can you see a difference?

There are days when I can write thousands of words in one sitting. And there are days when all I can do is scroll and comment, if anything.

And because I know that about myself I have systems and processes to allow me more CREATIVE FREEDOM.

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We often disregard planning as something that will kill creativity, when in fact it enables it and amplifies it. Because you can’t be creative on demand. But you can:

1. Take steps to make sure you have space to be creative, effective and productive (even simple steps like creating physical space that is inspiring or creating morning routine that powers you up)
2. Make sure every time you ARE creative you produce so much content it will LAST during non-creative times.

For instance, it sometimes tempting to new bloggers to publish 3 blog posts per week. But if you set yourself a plan on writing whenever you feel like writing but publishing once a week – in first couple months you could have enough blog posts for a year. And than you have time to BREATHE. That’s how you have time to CREATE more. To write a book, guest post, get interviewed or to create programs and courses. Because you have this buffer, this bank of saved up ideas.

So now, tell me – do you plan your content in advance? Do you schedule posts in advance? Do you keep a list of ideas for those days when you are not very inspired and have no idea what to write about?

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The secret to success is consistency, sounds awfully boring… but consistent 10k or 100k months never bored anyone, right?”

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