You have big dreams for your business.

But your vision and passion doesn’t seem to pay the bills yet.

And you feel like everyone else has their shiz together, looks oh so professional and makes ton of money – while you are simply struggling, feeling like a kid trying to catch up with endless webinars, programs, sales pages. And you are out of breath, ready to quit, because every time you think you got this – you trip over something, that slows you down again and make you feel like you will never win that race.
You know what? It doesn’t have to be that hard.

Ask yourself 3 questions:

1: What do you want to be known for?

This is your big vision question, the one you answer without thinking about your money, current circumstance and excuses. Your big dream. How it is going to look like, feel like? What impact will you have?

2. Second, ask yourself what you already have.

You do have more than you think: you have friends, connections, knowledge and skills you didn’t have couple months before. That one client that you delivered amazing results last month? Find more people like them, with that exact burning problem. You solved a burning problem for yourself? Find people who are still struggling with it.

3. And last, ask yourself which skill you have RIGHT NOW you can use to create income right now, that will also be inline with your big vision long term plan.

That’s where you connect the dots. That’s where you become strategic with it. That’s how you build your future one tiny brick at the time until it’s rock solid and suddenly everyone can see what you were trying to achieve. But don’t wait for others to believe in you and support you in making your vision a reality. Find that belief within yourself.

That’s where it starts. From your burning desire to succeed, to change the reality, to re-write the script. To make your own rules.

If you are truly desperate, than use whatever skill you have to create income that will keep your dream alive. That’s akin to waitressing in Hollywood while you are waiting for your big break. There is no guilt in that, it is not selling out, it is not giving up.

But if you do have a choice – and usually you do, when you strip away all the pretense and excuses – use that skill you have right now to create a tiny stepping stone to the future. Offer your services, create a mini course, hone your skills and grow your expertise until you have no choice but to be successful.


That’s why actors do waitressing in Hollywood and not in Kansas. That’s why you freelance until you have an agency. That’s why you write about fashion show at your local town until you can cover Paris events. You do what needs to be done, to keep your dream alive, until you no longer have to. But in the meantime you hang on.

It does get easier. Hang on in there.

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