I always say there are three things you need to become successful – decent strategy, proper branding and a courage to do things differently. Today, I want to talk about the courage – your mindset, and more specifically mindset shift required for your six figure success.

Why do you need both mindset and a strategy?
Because it takes a massive mindset shift to earn your yearly salary in a month.
Are you really ready to be wildly successful?

This simple exercise helps you EXPAND your vision beyond what you thought it’s possible for you.


The problem with 6 figures in 6 months or 90 days – is not that you cannot do it – it’s because you don’t believe you CAN do it.

And it’s not your fault. A lot of those coaching programs and courses are directed at employees who are stuck in their jobs – but they are earning decent salaries. So the 6 figures doesn’t sound alien to them. They already make it or are close to it. They work to REPLACE that income.

That leaves an entire group of people who have never had an $10k month – that’s closer to their yearly salary than an monthly income.

Let me say it again – it takes a massive mindset shift to earn your yearly salary in a month.

This is important, because you will need to get through the same upper limit problem on each stage of your growth – from $10k month to $100k month and beyond. The number itself doesn’t matter because it’s about your confidence – and it’s the hardest at the first stage. It is easier to shift from 10k month to $100k month than it is to shift from $1k to $10k, because after that first shift you know what to expect. It still requires mindset work and strategy adjustment – but it really becomes easier.

If you are struggling with growing your business – take it one step at the time. 6 figures in 6 months is very rare in your first business, it usually takes time to figure things out and settle into the business you actually want to run.

Because making money in your business and loving your business are two entirely different beasts. But even when you are in figure it out stage don’t spend months pondering about it – create a way to test your services, tweak it and improve.
Keep taking action, because no one learns to swim by watching the videos. And it’s the same when you are building your business – you need to practise that confidence muscle. Even though at the beginning it feels like drowning. Even if you need a coach and trainings and courses – after a while, it will feel like the most natural thing in the world.

This simple exercise helps you EXPAND your vision beyond what you thought it’s possible for you.
So tell me now, where are you at your journey – and are you ready to earn your yearly salary in a month?

ps. Say it out loud. The amount you earned previously in a year as your new monthly goal. That’s how you start that mindset shift. Repeat something enough times and you’ll start to believe it. You’ve got this!

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Are you ready to be wildly successful?

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