Ok, so I know you are skipping all mindset posts and cute mantras, because you are serious about your business and do not have time for fluff. But consider this – if you want to make $10k a month but you balk at paying $20 email program fees – you have a problem.

That is this mysterious ‘money block’ that you are not seeing. It is not that you are ‘repelling the powers of the universe’ and need to manifest harder, but simply put, you are just being ridiculously hard on yourself. You need to invest in basic tools and support if you want to compress the timeline for your success. You need to, to save your sanity and to stop banging your head against the invisible wall.

When I was a student (no money, but lots of good times) I walked everywhere instead of paying for the bus ticket. Taking a taxi wasn’t even on my radar;)

It took me longer to get to places – but my time seemed like a free resource at the time. Now, I am a mum of a pirate princess and a space train driver (their words;) I have a successful business to manage and the house to build – time is the most limited resource I have.

I can make more money, but I can’t make more time.

Look back to the beginning of the year – how much did you manage to accomplish?

I can say it in the kindest way possible, because I was you – heck I am you! I still balk at spending money on things I deem too expensive. Only to come back 3 months later and buy the wretched thing because it does make life easier.

Money are in unlimited supply. The cheap and expensive are so relative it is not even funny.

Success is living your life the way you want it. Stop waiting for your life to happen.

I just bought handbag in the most gorgeous shade of dusty pink. Completely impractical with kids, and baby wipes still go inside, designer label or not. 6 months ago I would have patiently wait for a sale. But not anymore. Time is the most valuable resource we have.

Little tools and software that I usually agonise over? I just buy them now, because if that tool cost $25 and it saves me an hour I only need to use it once to make it worth it.

The only way to scale your business and stay sane is to stop doing $10 per hour tasks. The only way.
Let me illustrate.

You only have 24 hours so if you insist on doing $10 tasks, even if you worked 24/7 you would still not reach $10k months.

24hrs x $10 per hour x 365 days in a year= $87600.

$87k – and that is working like a robot, no sleep, or nothing which is clearly impossible.

The only way to scale your business is to create systems and make sure your math adds up.

If your product is lower priced – you need higher quantity of sales and a systems to make it happen.
If your product or service is higher priced, your sales cycle is more complex and you need less, but more qualified leads.

That’s why book authors rarely get rich from one book. Most books make hardly any money.
And that’s why providing services – which are relatively higher priced are an easier way to start a successful online business.

Coaching in particular is a service that makes it relatively easy to reach your financial goals. If you can work with 10 people at the time and price it at $1000 – there you have it, $10k months. With only 10 clients. This is not impossible. I have clients that pay $12k+ to work with me. I have mentors that get paid, way, way more. Expensive is relative. It’s all about the value.

Success mindset is about shifting your question from asking how much can I charge to how much value I can provide. Once you discover how valuable it really is what you do – price won’t matter. Books have lower value than courses, courses have lower value than services. There is only a question of how you want to get there. Some people love writing, others love talking – start with what you love and look at how you can scale it, while still enjoying the journey. Sometimes, you raise the price. Sometimes you scale the delivery method. But your math needs to add up. You are not going to become successful by creating artisan pieces at the Chinese factory prices.

So how do you grow your business fast?

Learn as much as you can, implement as fast as you can and invest in yourself as soon as you can.

Watching free webinars, downloading free ebooks and signing up for any free trainings series you can find – that is walking. You will eventually arrive, but it will take you considerably more time. If you have no budget at all – it is still better than doing nothing, so learn as much as you can, implement as fast as you can and invest in yourself as soon as you can.

Buying online courses is like taking a bus or train – it does gets you there faster, but you are forced to take a certain path, which might not take you exactly where you would want to. You can also chose the level of comfort, just like a economy and first class, some courses deliver more support than others, but price increases.

And getting private mentoring and coaching and a team behind you is like having your own jet and travelling in comfort. You still need to travel, but you get there way faster. I now have shot myself in a foot and positioned mentoring as an impossible luxury, did I?
But truth is, private coaching is really not that expensive – it really is relative.

Because it all depends on return on investment. If you want to earn $10k per month and pay a coach $10k – you get all the money back first month you reach your goal, double it the second and so on. It is might boggling how lightning fast things can move in your business once you gain momentum. Of course, you still need to do the work, your coach or mentor won’t do things for you – but doing things in a strategic way is the biggest secret to success. The laser focused coaching helps you not only to move forward, but also exceed your goals.

And that’s the biggest gift of coaching – we discover our dreams are bigger than we have ever imagined.

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