You want sensational course launch and an irresistible brand.

You want to create content that is adored by your clients and makes you wildly successful.

You want a business strategy to work less, but get more done.
(Because updating social media every evening is getting old fast!)

And you look around and… it’s far from ideal. But that’s ok.

Sometimes all we have is a total mess.

Universe was born from chaos so you are on your way too;)

There is a simple 3 step process to get it all out of your head and into something pretty and profitable
(You want both, trust me. Babies being expensive comes with a territory but your business baby needs to be both so on the days when everything goes wrong you can stare adoringly on your high converting sales page and know that at least that one you made it right;)

Ok, so Plan your Business Growth Step 1: Brain Dump

Wait, there is a prep required. If you prefer digital try a Trello board app.  I love Trello boards to ‘pin’ different topics and ideas and you can easily move them around, attach pictures and files. (Asana now introduced board view too, but it’s not as sleek as trello. ) But if you are overwhelmed to the point of no return, grab some A4 paper or bigger if you have and small sticky notes.
Now for the actual strategy: write your ideas. All of them. If you use trello board, each idea needs to be on a separate card. There will be a lot of them and that’s ok. If you have post it notes, again, each idea for a product, freebie, webinar, platform goes on a separate sticky note.

NOTE: Don’t censor yourself at this stage. Everything goes from I want fresh flowers on my desk to 10k traffic, bestseller book and 10k podcast downloads.  It will actually massively help you later on if you incorporate those ‘little’ wishes and big ideas.

You could set a timer for this, but I find it often once you start you’ll get into the flow and more ideas will start coming out of the woodwork. And that’s a very good thing, you want everything ‘dumped’ here. No matter how small or how big and unrealistic. About an hour is good, I often spend 2-3 hours though if I plan an entire business strategy.

Plan your Business Growth Step 2: Categorise your brain dump

If you use Trello, simply create more lists (columns) and move your cards around.
First, categorise by broad groups, for example:

  • Income streams
    Here you list your product and service ideas, like courses, packages, small products.
  • Value Platforms
    Chose your main platforms where you will provide value and focus on to grow your business, for instance your email list, blog readership, Facebook group, podcast. Think of them as your assets, so you need to own it. If your main platform is Youtube channel, do you have a back up plan for getting kicked off it? Example of an asset is having copies of all your videos on a platform like a vimeo to easily embed in your blog  (which you own unlike Youtube channel)
  • Content Marketing
    List all your communication channels and decide which ones you will focus on.
  • Personal goals
    Here you add all those: I want to be off when kids are off, spa visits, holidays 4x per year, second home, more speaking engagements. Most entrepreneurs become overwhelmed because they missed that step in creating their business strategy. Business needs to be centred around you, what you want to achieve, what mission you have, how you want your days to look like and not only how much money you want to make, but HOW you are going to make that money, so you stay true to your values.

Plan your Business Growth Step 3. Create a schedule with specific goals 

Set goals for time & money.
For each social media, add a note on how much time you have to focus on that particular activity, what tools you plan to use to make it more effortless and what goal you have for that platform.

EXAMPLE: INSTAGRAM (Content Marketing)
PURPOSE: Brand building & engagement
GOAL: Add 1000 followers per month /+33 daily
TIME: 20 min daily and 1 day for batching session a month

EXAMPLE: VIP Days (Income Stream)
PURPOSE: Rapid results and transformation for clients
GOAL: £3500 x twice per year
TIME: block 4 days plus travel day
TOOL: Acuity Scheduling to schedule free discovery sessions, branded Application form, email sequence, FB funnel

During this process it will become clear you cannot do all of it yourself. So you chose what you can do, what you will outsource and delegate. You will also create realistic goals and tasks for now, and expansion plans for later. Move the cards /sticky notes to the top of the column so you gave a clear view of what’s most important.

Once you have done this, use my Success Habits Planner to plan each month in detail. I recommend printing out 3 copies for next 3 months and fill out Focus sections with goals for that month and commit section for the specific regular tasks you commit to to achieve your goals.
Once it’s on your calendar, it gives you an overview of what else you could do to build more momentum without overwhelm and over scheduling – that’s the hustle section.

For Content Marketing, now you have a clear schedule of how much time you want to spend on growth of those platforms you can add it to your weekly and daily tasks list. Use my Content Marketing Planner to plan 90 days of content and tick off the promotional re-purposing ideas.  I was live on my Facebook page talking about this very topic here, so please watch and you can ask questions in the video comments:
How to use Content Marketing Planner to do less, with more focus and get more visible online

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